Our Mission

The educational mission of the Church is to teach the Good News and to create community while providing service to the entire human family.  Our Catholic school teaches this message, fosters community and models service.

Our school has a clear focus as centers where the Church evangelizes, educates and contributes to the formation of a healthy and morally sound lifestyle.  In doing this our school fosters each individual‘s  personal growth.

St Edward School is dedicated to academic excellence, reinforcing a sense of social concern, and encouraging a life balanced by social and physical activities.

We also recognize parents as the first and primary educators in a child’s life. We work closley with the parents in the decision-making processes affecting their children. Our school challenges clergy, parents, teachers, students and the parish community to work together in mutual trust, support, and dedication to the common goal of providing quality, religious and academic education for our children



  Principal (Interim) Mr. Nathan Arnold  narnold@sbdiocese.org
  Preschool Director Mrs. Linda Driffill ldriffill@sbdiocese.org
  Administrative Assistant Ms. Lauren Driffill lndriffill@sbdiocese.org
  Bookkeeper Mrs. Edith Flores-Palacios  
  Kindergarten Ms.  Paula Leveratto pleveratto@sbdiocese.org
  Grade One Mrs. Dorothy Bettencourt dbettencourt@sbdiocese.org
  Grade Two Mrs. Vicki Hicks vhicks@sbdiocese.org
    Mrs.  Yvonne Molnar ymolnar@sbdiocese.org
  Grade Three Mrs. Jennifer Magee  jmagee@sbdiocese.org
  Grade Four  Mrs. Mira Salama msalama@sbdiocese.org
  Mr. Tony Reymann apreymann@sbdiocese.org
Grade Five Ms. Janet Klotz jklotz@sbdiocese.org
    Ms. Jennifer Goodman jgoodman@sbdiocese.org
  Grade Six Ms.  Darlene Shimizu  dshimizu@sbdiocese.org 
  Grade Seven Mrs. Joan Jackson jjackson@sbdiocese.org
  Grade Eight Mr. Jourdain Renteria jjrenteria@sbdiocese.org
  Spanish Mrs. Yanessa Barragan  
  Resource   Mrs. Veronica Coover vcoover@sbdiocese.org
  Pre-Algebra Mrs. Joan Jackson jjackson@sbdiocese.org
  Physical Education Ms. Ashley Cendejas acendejas@sbdiocese.org
  Computers Mr. William Hahn whahn@sbdiocese.org
  Librarian Ms. Heidi Morgan hmorgan@sbdiocese.org
  Teacher Aides Mrs. Christina Alderette 
  Mrs. Kelly Lopez
  Mrs. Debra Gutierrez
  Mrs. Rebecca Marcure 
  Counselor Mrs. Susan Seidman
  Extended Care Coordinator Mrs. Linda Driffill ldriffill@sbdiocese.org
  Extended Care Supervisors Mrs. Gabby Chavez
  Preschool Teachers Mrs. Linda Driffill ldriffill@sbdiocese.org
Mrs. Maria Trujillo -Lopez 
    Alma Mendoza